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Q&A With Jordy Cannon

March 13, 2019

Q&A With Jordy Cannon

We got a little chat with Jordy Cannon regarding fashion with a focus on sunglasses.

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Q: When shopping for sunglasses what would influence you to buy online versus in person? Price? Style? Uniqueness?

A: The convenience of shopping online and being able to easily browse so many different options before deciding on the perfect pair.


Q: Are you the kind of person to own many different pairs of sunglasses or are you the type to have one favorite pair? Why?

A: I like to choose classic sunglasses that are versatile for many looks that way I have a go-to pair that I know will suit anything I’m wearing.

Q: What do you think of the Steampunk sunglasses trend? Is it something you want to see more of? Why?

A: I love the look of them and wish I could pull them off but unfortunately, they don’t flatter my face shape.

Q: Let’s talk classic sunglasses. What style do you like the most; cat eyes, round, or aviators? Does this style hold a good place in your mind or do you just like the way they look the most?

A: I am definitely an aviator kind of girl because the shape is very complimentary of my more rounded face. I like to go for a small or medium option as opposed to oversized because I’m quite petite and they can look overwhelming otherwise.


Q: In your opinion what is the next sunglass trend? Colors, shape, size?

A: I am currently loving all of the unique shades that are being released in the reflective aviator style. I think reflective rose golds and pinks will become increasingly popular.


Q: Do you like color lenses or mirror lenses better?

A: I am definitely more of a mirror lenses type person because the reflective options always make a bit more of a fashion statement.


Q: Story Time! Tell us about the first pair of sunglasses you remember loving. Why did you love them so much? What makes them stand out in your memory?

A: I remember falling in love with the Prada Baroque sunglasses because of how unique the swirl on the arms are.


Q: When do you wear sunglasses the most? While on vacation? While Driving? Playing a sport?

A: They are an absolute must-have for any holiday – I always have 2 pairs nearby. I wear sunglasses most while driving and at the beach.


Q: Do you go for plastic or metal frames more? Is there a color you like better for a frame; gold, silver, black, turtle shell, a bright color?

A: I much prefer metal frames and am in love with anything rose gold.


Q: Is UV protection something you look for in sunglasses?

A: Absolutely! I need to know that my eyes are being protected from UV rays.


Q: Do celebrities influence the styles you wear? Who do you look to for fashion ideas? TV, movie, sports stars, your mom?

A: I love to scroll through Pinterest for fashion inspiration and create mood boards inspiring my next fashion purchases.