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Q&A With Laura from HaveLouisWillTravel

February 28, 2019

Q&A With Laura from HaveLouisWillTravel

We recently had a little Q&A with the popular YouTuber Laura who is running the channel HaveLouisWillTravel. On her channel, she shares her love for handbags, fashion, beauty, travel and other inspirational stuff.

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Q: When shopping for sunglasses what would influence you to buy online versus in person? Price? Style? Uniqueness?

A: I think it’s a combination of price and style. I want to look stylish but for a reasonable price point.

Q: Are you the kind of person to own many different pairs of sunglasses or are you the type to have one favorite pair? Why?

A: Yes, I’m a bit of a sunglasses junkie. My favorites are my RayBan aviators. They are very lightweight and offer good UV protection.

Q: What do you think of the Steampunk sunglasses trend? Is it something you want to see more of? Why?

A: I like the round shape but can’t say I love them. May need to grow on me.


Q: Let’s talk about classic sunglasses. What style do you like the most; cat eyes, round, or aviators? Does this style hold a good place in your mind or do you just like the way they look the most?

A: All of the above. LOL. But aviators are my go to since they work with everything. But when I’m feeling sassy, I go for a cat eye.

Q: In your opinion what is the next sunglass trend? Colors, shape, size?

A: The last few years have been all about the rounds but I’m starting to see more oval shapes which I prefer so I’ll go with that. In my favorite color - Black!

Q: Story Time! Tell us about the first pair of sunglasses you remember loving. Why did you love them so much? What makes them stand out in your memory?

A : Simple. It was my RayBan Wayfarers. I was a teenager in the 80s and Madonna wore them so I HAD to have them. Still, love that style as well.


Q: When do you wear sunglasses the most? While on vacation? While Driving? Playing a sport?

A: Driving and on vacation for sure. And also anytime I’m outdoors. I never leave the house without Sunnies.

Q: Do you go for plastic or metal frames more? Is there a color you like better for a frame; gold, silver, black, turtle shell, a bright color?

A: Both. But I prefer metal in silver or gunmetal and plastic in black or tortoise.

Q: Is UV protection something you look for in sunglasses?

A: If I’m spending a lot of money and looking for something classic then yes. If it’s just for fun/trend then not necessarily.

Q: Do celebrities influence the styles you wear? Who do you look to for fashion ideas? TV, movie, sports stars, your mom?

A: Yes, celebrities and bloggers. I especially love Anine Bing. Her style is amazing and she looks great in all sunglasses.